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Family owned and operated since 1955, Lee Fletcher opened the first Roto-rooter franschise in Monterey County.  In the 70’s, the business was passed to Priscilla and John Grider, the secondGeneration.  In 1979, they purchased Tom’s Septic Tank Service and soon after added Green Line Waste haulers to the family of businesses.  In 2006, Kim and David Phillips purchased the businesses.


As the third generation of cleaning services, Kim and David make it their business to stay ahead of their competition in terms of technology, skills and ability.  They are proud to have employees with over 20 years of experience working amongst their ranks.

Our Goals

providing accurate, affordable services to the residential, commercial and industrial communities As a family-owned business, the goal of Tom's Septic Tank Service and Green Line Liquid Waste Haulers is to provide accurate, affordable services to the residential, commercial and industrial communities of Salinas, Calif. and the surrounding areas. While we complete our duties, we maintain our focus towards providing the very best for our customers by remaining service oriented.

Our database is set up by our clients’ addresses. What does this mean for you? This means that you can trust in the accuracy of our services and a fast response time if you have questions or concerns. With the latest in technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we can ensure that you will receive your maintenance on time, every time.

We are a green company. We set out to keep our business and your septic tanks clean on all levels. We are also proud to be associated with NASSCO.

Your Septic System Is Your Responsibility!

Did you know that as a homeowner you’re responsible for maintaining your septic system?  Did you know that maintaining your septic system protects your investment in your home?  Did you know that you should periodically inspect your system and pump out your septic tank?

If properly designed, constructed and maintained, your septic system can provided long-term, effective treatment of household wastewater.  If your septic system isn’t maintained, you might need to replace it, costing you thousands of dollars.  A malfunctions system can contaminate groundwater that might be a source of drinking water. If you sell your home, your septic system must be in good working order.

Protect Your Septic System:

  1. Inspect your system (every three years) and pump your tank as necessary (generally every three to five years).
  2. Use water efficiently.
  3. Don’t dispose of household hazardous wastes in sinks or toilets.
  4. Care for your drainfield.  Avoid driving or parking vehicles on your drainfield.  Plant only grass over and near your drainfield to avoid damage from roots.

How Does It Work?

typical septic system

A typical septic system has four main components: a pipe from the home, a septic tank, a drainfield and the soil. Microbes in the soil digest or remove most contaminants from wastewater before it eventually reaches groundwater.

The septic tank is a buried, watertight container typically made of concrete, fiberglass or polyethylene.  It holds the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle out (forming sludge) and oil and grease to float to the surface (as scum).  It also allows partial decomposition of the solid materials. Compartments and a T-shaped outlet in the septic tank prevent the sludge and scum from leaving the tank and traveling into the drainfield area. Screens are also recommended to keep solids from entering the drainfield.

The wastewater exits the septic tank and is discharged into the drainfield for further treatment by the soil.

Microorganisms in the soil provide final treatment by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and nutrients.

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Serving Monte Rey County and Santa Cruz County

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Tom's Septic Tank Service

1128-A Madison Lane
Salinas, CA 93907

Salinas: 831-663-3801
Watsonville: 831-722-8159
Monterey: 831-649-6388

Fax: 831-422-8614


Green Line Liquid Waste Haulers

1128-A Madison Lane
Salinas, CA 93907

Santa Cruz: 831-423-4003
Watsonville: 831-722-6771
Salinas: 831-422-2298

Fax: 831-422-8614


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